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1 Book Sold = 1 Book Donated

1 Book Sold, 1 Book Donated

of low-income children
have zero books at home.

That's Unacceptable.

Every time we send you a book, we donate a brand new children’s book to Bernie’s Book Bank. Bernie’s Book Bank is the leading provider of quality books to underserved children in Chicago.

They work with schools in book deserts and low-income communities. Each of the students in those schools receives 12 books a year from kindergarten until sixth grade. The books are leveled into age-appropriate groups and then delivered directly to the children that Bernie’s Book Bank serves. For many children, the books that Bernie’s Book Bank provides are the first books they’ve ever owned.

Before Bernie's Book Bank came into the school, I didn't really have a lot of books. Without [Bernie's] books at home, it would just feel like I'm not imagining anything or learning anything.
Demijah, student, Chicago Public Schools