Our Mission


The Equal Opportunity Book Box believes that every child should grow up with quality books at home. We donate one book to a kid in need for every book we send you. 

How do we find those children and distribute the books to them? 

Every time we send you a book, we donate a brand new children’s book to Bernie’s Book Bank. Bernie’s Book Bank is the leading provider of quality books to under-served children in Chicago. 

The nonprofit was started by Brian Floriani after he lost his father, Bernie, in 2005. Bernie was passionate about improving childhood literacy, and Brian carries on that mission with Bernie’s Book Bank.

They have a unique, individualized model of distributing their brand new books. They work with schools in book deserts and low-income communities. Each of the students in those schools receives 12 books a year. The books are leveled into age-appropriate groups and then delivered directly to the children that Bernie’s Book Bank serves. The kids can keep the books they get for life. For many children, the books that Bernie’s Book Bank provides are the first books they’ve ever owned.

Demijah, a student from Chicago, said, “before Bernie’s Book Bank came into the school, I didn’t really have a lot of books. Without [Bernie’s] books at home, it would just feel like I’m not imagining anything or learning anything.” 

Bernie’s Book Bank is doing incredibly important work to give all children access to quality books. In the near future, they hope to expand to more major cities, and Brian says he hopes eventually to completely eradicate book deserts in America.

You can watch this video to learn more about their mission or listen to this interview with Brian on the End Book Deserts Podcast.